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Just got this Unique Model 17 with holster which is unmarked and appears to be of the paper variety. Pistol is minty on right side, some pitting on front of left slide. The holster is not exactly as those shown in my references, would like opinions as to its authenticity.
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My opinion, for what it is worth, is that the holster does not belong with a Kriegsmodell. I have several Model 17 and Kriegsmodells with holsters that all have the WaAD20 waffenamt on the flap. In it's self any paper holster that has survived the years is worth something and who knows whether or not in the last analysis the soldier had to use what ever was available!! Also my holsters all cover the magazine completely. It appears that yours doesn't. Whether or not it is the proper holster,...if it came that way...then it is a piece of history.


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I would agree with Dave. I have several Unique models including the Kriegsmodell with leather holsters and they are all waffenamt acceptance stamped. However, your Kriegsmodell is getting towards the end of the run. At this time there was getting to be a very serious leather shortage in Germany and Axis countries. As a result, the holster you have which is sort of a laminated fiber/board holster (ersatz) started getting produced and they were designed to fit a number of different military pistols and probably did not fit any real exactly. Your Kriegsmodell does not look like a great fit for the holster but it very well could have been used when nothing else was available. For it to last this long certainly makes it a rather interesting war time expedient non leather production holster sample for your collection.

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Aaron, Dave and Loyd have pretty well covered all this. I am no expert on this type of holster....Sorry I could not be of more help. Jerry Burney
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