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Presented is an example of a 6.35mm holster with pistol which I find to be interesting as well as educational. The Railroad Police used what ever was available which was a assortment of left behind parts and partial weapons. This holster is an example where the RBD applied some initiative and procured some offshore or out of country items of need to fulfill their requirements. Having scores of 6.35mm pistols I have found that a Unique Model 10 is the only pistol that will fit this holster. A similar holster with same button snap but in 7.65mm has also been observed.

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185.12 KB Having observed numerous RBD holsters , they all seem to have one characteristic of having a need for fast access to their weapon while holstered. The holsters are either a break-away style or finger slots incorporated. This particular holster, I believe, was modified by its original owner to fulfill that requirement as he thought or needed this feature.

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184.68 KB The figures underneath the trademark are 55 on the left and G6 on the right as best as I can tell.

Download Attachment: Unique Mod 10 right side.JPG
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Download Attachment: Unique Mod 10 right side tang.JPG
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Info on these pistols seems to be limited. In my library, all I can find is that there were either 5000 or 21000 model 10's produced in wartime as commercial models. This comes from Still's and Whittington's books. Dean Gizzi has been collecting serial numbers of the models 16 and 17....he may have better information

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