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By November 1918, 29 divisions were disbanded due to shortage of replacements. The 211 I.D. was one of'em, already by September 1918.

The Ft.Art.Btl.136 was formed by the active Ft.Art.Regt.25 and was comprised of 3 batteries.
1 batt. 10cm field cannons
2 " heavy howitzer 13
1 ammo column for each battery.

The Ft.Art.Btl.136 became part of the 247.Inf.Brigade of the 243 I.D. by April 1st 1917 and by March 23rd 1918 part of the 211.Inf.Brg. of the 211.I.D.

Composition of 211.I.D. as of March 23.1918 :

Infantry : I.R.27, R.I.R.75 and I.R.390
Cavalry : 1.Eskadron Ulanen Regt.2
Artillery : Art.-Commander 211 with Field Art.Regt.269
and Ft.Art.Btl.136
Engineer : Staff Pion.Btl.211, 1.Res.Komp.Pion.Btl.27
Pion.Komp.268, MW-Komp.421
Communication: Division Communication Commander 211

Source : Mein Regiment, Ruhmeshalle, Geschichte des Deutschen
Heeres im Weltkriege 1914-1918, Feldgrau, ZfH.
Das Ehrenbuch der Deutschen Schweren Artillerie.

Note : Battle calender is available.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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