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Unit marked bayonet and scabbard with belt

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Picked up a couple of very nice pieces to add to the collection, Unit marked bayonnet marked 55.scriptic R.3.2 which belongs to the 55th reserve regiment 3rd company weapon # 2. Scabbard is likewise marked but was previously marked 7.J.E.1.6.2. which I think was also a reserve regiment in the jaeger battalion. The bayonnet and scabbard are very nice .and came attached to a 1915 ww1 stamped belt and buckle C.Leschen &Co. Coln-Deutz 1915. The belt and buckle were probably not issued with the bayonnet and scabbard but do make an attractive set .
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Please post photographs of your unit marked bayonets.
pictures of bayonett/scabbard and belt

Download Attachment: Portugese M943 004.jpg

Download Attachment: Portugese M943 005.jpg

Download Attachment: Portugese M943 006.jpg

Download Attachment: Portugese M943 007.jpg

Download Attachment: Portugese M943 003.jpg
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Thanks for posting photographs of your matched Imperial Bayonet. Do you know its designation.
Question on designation, I have no info other than the markings in photos.
The model of the bayonet.

I misunderstood your question on designation as in who unit was supplied to. The bayonet will fit either the k98 or the 1898- Gew98 so I 've been told, whether this is correct or not beats me. , the bayonet was manufactured by Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. Solingen, on the back of blade it has a crown/W/88 and imperial proof, took this picture but did not turn out.
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