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Peter Re:p.L.16.118
According to Noll P.L. signifies: Landwehr-Pionier-Bataillon. This would be a World War I unit marking. However, a 16th Landwehr-Pionier-Bataillon is not listed in Nolls book or Rumeshalle.

Is your Red 9 a police rework? Does it have fixed sights and a shortened barrel? It may be a police marking. However, I cannot find an exact match. PL (without the period) signifies: Police School for Physical Fitness. See page 195-197 of Weimar Lugers for more details on Weimar Police markings. As I recall, "P.L." may have been identified previously somewhere on this site. It may be worth a look through the postings to find it.
For the data base, what is the serial number of your Red 9?

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The gun shows no sign of weimar rework. (barrel is 14cm, no 1920-stamp, adjustable rear sight.) But I know the gun came to Norway during WW2 with german troops, but do not know what kind of troops. The serialnumber is 73155.

Here is a picture of my 3 "Red 9"'s:
(The gun in question is the one at the bottom).

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