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In addition to the LP08 referenced above, I noted these lugers for sale in Richmond today. Some are still available others, as indicated, are not. If you are interested email me for the seller's contact info.

1910 DWM sn 3696d marked 16.D.4.6. $1400 SOLD
1911 DWM sn 1085e marked B.3.R.M.G.23. (R is scriptic) $850 SOLD
1912 Erfurt sn 5729a marked 27.R.2. $1150
1913 Erfurt sn 5811n marked J.R.72.1.6. $1225 SOLD
1917 (see above in LP08 Category)
1918 Erfurt sn 6334p marked, but ground off, J.r.1??.12.K.17. $875

The overall condition of these pistols as I noted was good to excellent
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