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Here are a couple of photos of a 1921 DWM Luger ser #4500 ns.....no sear safety......the Gentleman I purchased it from claims the gun came from Finland.....I doubt that....any info appreciated...Thanks...

Download Attachment: MVC-907F.JPG

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L.C. I'm going to take a stab at this(SWAG!), and Jan can correct me.
I think it is Schutzpolizei Arnsberg, III District, 5th Company/Unit, 52 nd weapon. Probably a city police weapon.


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Hi Peter!

I'm puzzled about the lack of a suffix to the s/n. I thought that DWM resumed production after WWI with five-digit s/ns starting about 75000 and when they approached 90000 switched to using letter suffixes for each block of 10,000, beginning with the suffix "i". A four-digit s/n w/o a suffix doesn't seem to fit. Am I missing something?

I agree with you about the supposed Finnish connection.

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This period (Weimar) is a tough one to follow, luger collector's example is of a seperate army and police contract 1921 dated (ns)Alphabet DWM . Just prior to this contract letted the 5 digit serial number commercial examples were bieng manufactured .The commercial suffix range of Alphabet DWM's that you referred to started at suffix ( i)mid 1921. Source-Weimar Lugers

The 5 digit serial commercial can also be found with police unit stamps.
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