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Another gun I have some questions on is a 1910 DWM, Serial Number 1918 c, Unit marked 13.T.L.3.16; in Jan's book Imperial Lugers it shows one that has a similar unit marking to this one. It's identified in the book as coming from a hospital company. I assume this one would be the same. However I have not been able to find a reference to the 3rd army hospital group in any of the 13th Army units? Am I miss reading the unit marks or are my reference materials lacking?

Bob M.

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Following are the unit markings identifications that you asked for. Also included is the unit that the regiment was assigned to. I have included the page reference to Jeff Nolls “The Imperial German Regimental Marking” and “The Histories of Two hundred and fifty one Divisions of the German Army that participated in the War (1914-1918)”

* 1914 Lange ERF.URT, s/n 2693b : 24.R.A.3.44.13. <44 lined out> - (24 Reserve-Feld-Artillerie-Regiment, Batterie 3, Waffe Nr. 13)
Part of the 24th Reserve Division during World War I.
(Noll, page173; Histories of 251 Divisions, page 347)

* 1911ERFURT, s/n 3730: 13.A.F.1.4 - (Fuss-Artillerie-Regiment 13, Batterie 1, Waffe Nr. 4)
(Noll, page177; note no listing for Batterie 1)

* 1916 ERFURT, s/n 3146c: R.234.11.K.11 - (Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 234, Kompagnie 11, Waffe Nr. 11)
Part of the 51th Reserve Division during World war I.
(Note: This is a reserve Infanterie Regiment because there is not a 234 non reserve regiment. The Luger is not marked exactly according to orders.)
(Noll, page156; Histories of 251 Divisions page 497)

* 1910 DWM, s/n 1918c: 13.T.L.3.16 - (13 Train-Bataillon, 3 Lazarett, Waffe Nr. 16)
13th Wurttenburg Train Battalion, XIII Army Corps, Field Hospital no. 3, weapon no. 16
See page ix Imperial Lugers

Jeff Nolls book “The Imperial German Regimental Marking” identifies the unit marking and lists the division that the unit was part of during World War I. An outstanding reference that is highly recommended.

Jan C Still
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