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Under the 1900/1918:p08 Army Lugers chapter I posted a topic with the subject:eek:nce-in-a-life-time find...
Inside there is the scan of a postcard with the name of the guy and the unit: Abs.H.Fleischmann .Baj.Landw.Diwi.6.Bay.Landw.Inf.Reg.Feld.Masch.Gewehr Zug Denerling

Does anyone know what's that?

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Paolo, I will take a try at it...Bavarian Landwehr Division, 6th Bavarian Landwehr Infantry Regiment, (Field) Machinegun platoon Denerling. I would think that Denerling was the platoon leader. I believe it was common for companies and platoons to assume the commander's name as an unofficial designator in the field.
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