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U.A.58 signifies Unterseeboots Abteilung 58. I do not know the relationship between the abteilung and the submarine number. See Imperial Lugers page 169 and 197, the source of the information is Gortz).
Excellent and very rare unit stamped Navy Luger.
Thanks for posting.

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"The three English (sic!) armoured cruisers ...... being sunk in the North Sea 20 nautical miles north east of Hoek of Holland by U 9."
Handwriting (German): "12.000 tonnes, three old ???? ( illegible)


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Regarding Jan's painting of the U-9 sinking a British ship in WW1. One month after WW1 started, the German submarine U-9 under the command of Kapitain Leutnant Otto Weddingen, sank three British cruisers. They were the Aboukir, Cressy and Hogue and were sunk early on the morning of September 22. This remarkable feat was repeated on October 15 when this same submarine sank the cruiser Hawke.

I have a U-9 marked hat from one of the crewmem. The hat talley has UNTERSEEBOOT 9. on it. The two black tassels have been cut to about 6", the inside is red with a white makers mark that I cannot read, the leather hat band is fragil. Below are some photos of it. Harry

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