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Here is an unusual Erfurt 1918/1920 P08 s.n.9340 o (I guess).It's an inusual one because it bears an E after the 1920 marking.It could be inusual also the finish of the right frame rail(it's completely flat,without the usual rounded corners,and the frame bears the RC-crown mark),but in 1918 everyithing was possible about finishing at the Erfurt factory!
I've got it with a 1918? holster that has two old holes like the one at page 49 of Still's "Weimar and Early Nazi Lugers".
What's the meaning of the "E"?Why was the gun sealed(originally) in the holster?

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Have not seen a 1918E such as you show. The process for sealing the holster is shown on page 49 Weimar Lugers.
Thanks for the interesting photograohs.
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