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I recently posted a Navy Luger in the Imperial Lugers form but it now seems that this may have been a better place to start. My original posting is under “1908/1920 Navy & Commercial “ and there are several pictures for those that might be interested. It seems that anytime I show this Luger people get a little excited and not in a positive way, yes this gun could be a fake, if it is, it’s a very good one. I have no money in this gun, it was given to me out of an estate, simply because I took an interest in an old man & his collection. This was his highest prize and he told me he had had it for over 50 Years. I have a few Lugers but I am by no means an expert. I am simply trying to find out what my friend thought he had. Any help would be appreciated.

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Here are the pictures he was talking about, although I would imagine the same gentlemen who looked at the navy will be the same guys who look at these:
NOTE: I have heard of a couple of guys that made repro navies 30-40 years ago, at the time, it wasn't meant as a fake, but simply so the collector could have a authentic looking Navy...

Pictures from previous thread.

Here are some pics of my Navy with mixed proofs and matching serial numbers.

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This is my first time on this website so bear with me.
I recently acquired a luger and from the only book that I could find a pic that resembles it; they are calling it a 1920 Navy commercial. It has no barrel markings and none on the left side of the receiver. There are two stamps on the right side: a gothic D and a Gothic S with small crowns above them. That is the only markings besides the four digit serial number(no letters). Ser.numbers match all over, seven thousand range. Bluing looks orig. Grips are worn but show good checkering; clip has a smooth wood piece not circular. Small erosion on the dwm.
Would appreciate any feedback from knowledgeable collectors.

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Ed, welcome to the forum. Can you start your own thread, instead of inside of this one?

Can you provide pcitures and more information?

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