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i have a redone us,s 1911a1 all matching i had it redone by bill addir

thinking of selling whats a bill adir redone pistol of art worth

the frame is us&S so is the slide

the barrel is a high standad

i have been told years ago it was worth 15oo

so what is it worth?


Ron: I do not believe the value of a restored US&S would exceed $1500, even today with prices as high as they are, provided it is represented as a restored pistol.
My experience has been that restored guns are valued at about 30-35% of an original in the same condition. Most minty US&S guns don't top $4K, with few exceptions.
Here is a photo of an original late 1090xxx US&S for comparison.

Download Attachment: 1090xxxUS&S left.jpg
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