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Did german forces use much Mauser C96 during WW2?? I live in Norway, and they turn up from time to time here, and all of them came with the germans during the war.. Most pistols are C96/1916 ("Red nine"), but there are also some WW1 7,63mm. Most are without the holster-stock, but many turn up in original leather-holsters. Many show signs of rework post WW1. ("1920"-stamping, shorter barrels, weimar unit-markings, etc..) Any ideas?

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There have occasionally been these weapons at the German Army, more exact data aren't known.
But reliable reports of contemporary witnesses prove that at the beginning of the French campaign C 96 with wooden holster and leather have distributed .


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Hello Men,
I need some help with shooting a C96 Red 9 and a Bolo.
Please seem my new topic in this forum.
Would appreciate your help.

Where did you get those nice racks for your pistols.
I looks like the only contact it makes with the pistol is with a rubber coated rod down the barrel. Am I correct?
Is each pistol on its own rack, or are the racks welded together in a group?


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Ok Jan Sorry to have asked its just that I lost realatives in WWII as well My grandfather four great uncles and all of our ancestral manses...Although it was not in a concentration camp their still dead.

Sometimes when I see posts like that it kind of burns me a little because I wonder why there is no central organization or push for remembrance of the "other" millons who perished as well..

And well, what I meant by just checking is many folks who are sensitive or directly effected by what went on durring the halocaust automatically assume that every bloke within an axis power handgun collection forum is a bloody Nazi..So they troll around trying to get someone to step out of bounds then start a flame war...

Sorry that I miss Judged you. I'm a sales manager for a conpany that makes parts for machinery used in food packaging so I travel all over the U.S...I cant wait to start hitting hole in the wall shops..I just know I'm going to find some new guns to add to my hoard!

I saw your memorial web site . Your Dad was a handsome guy, looks very regal like my grandfather did. They would have been unstopable paired up in their single days hitting the cafe's in Prague looking for unattached Czech women..I know my Grandfather had a heck of a time down there befor he married my grandmother.She knew what was going on when he said they'd be engaged after the Prague trip but she loved him to much to push him away..And in 1932 women just Did'nt complain about those things..

And o by the way..Very NIce collection ;.)


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Aufaffe, yes, Jan is an "old-time" collector and one we are glad to have on the forum!

You are very welcome here and we hope you find some sweet items and then share them here ~~smilling~~


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Hi Boys!
The racks I designed are made in my company. It is .25 steel rod bent and welded together. Racks are powder coated. I am not afraid the barrel will be scratched, the bullet is much brutal. The basic measures to fit Luger size pistols are: height 6", lenght 9", lenght in-the-barrel 4", width 3".

I tried to sold some racks here in Czech Republic and in Germany, but without an succes. My design is copyright free for all collector friends.

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