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Dear collector friends,

I got some pictures taken today of this Mauser Hsc I acquired last Saturday at the Ventura CA gun show. I had the pleasure of being in the great company of fellow collector Dgiz (Dean). He had the 42 byf P.38 waiting for him at the show from a collector/dealer we will call Mr. Mauser. While Dean was busy completing all the CA paperwork for his new prize I was busy examining his other military pistols he had for sale. He had a bunch of Mauser Hsc models (including a couple of Navy marked ones) and one left side trigger web (large size) E/655 marked one. I have been looking for a 655 one and this one looked very promising. It was under a locked glass display booth and so I asked him if he would please remove it for my further close examination.

Well, I was not disappointed. This is a very excellent condition Hsc with just a very little loss of blue at the muzzle end from holstering. I would say it is 98%+. The rest of the pistol is in beautiful condition with prominently struck markings and a gorgeous high polish salt blue finish that is stunning, The right grip has one compression dent/mark about a three eights of an inch long but other than that the wood grips are beautiful with no cracks especially in that vulnerable little narrow area at the top front of the grip. The bore is beautiful and shows very little evidence of having been fired.

This is probably a variation 2 as Jan in his book gAxis Pistolsh defines this model series. However it is outside the serial range Jan shows 713182 to 740884. I realize that this is just an approximate serial range as my pistol has the variation 2 characteristics but is serial 741766. It has the cross hatched sight channel on top of the slide (which is a beautiful bit of machining) and the lanyard loop. Both of these features were pretty much gone above serial number 800000. It also has the commercial E/N stamp on the right trigger guard web and also the barrel. It DOES NOT have an E/N mark on the right front slide near the muzzle as other Hsc models I have do.

It is interesting to watch the ever so slight diminishment or degrading of the exterior blue finish over the range of serial numbers. I have a Hsc police model in the 778xxx range with all the earlier features but the machine marks are a little more visible but the finish is still very nicely high polish executed. Then I have a late WaA135 Army accepted Hsc in the 924xxx range that has none of the early features and a Military blue finish with quite visible machining/tool marks. Certainly speaks to the deteriorating conditions and pressure for more side arms by the military as the war progressed. Anyway, on to the pictures. Comments and/or observations are most welcomed and appreciated. THANKS!
Download Attachment: HSc Left Side.jpg
Download Attachment: HSc Serial Number.jpg
Download Attachment: HSc Right Side.jpg
Download Attachment: HSc Waffenamt Mark.jpg
Download Attachment: HSc Magazine Mauser Mark.jpg
Download Attachment: HSc Nazi Proof.jpg
Download Attachment: Mauser HSc Sight Plane.jpg
Download Attachment: Mauser HSc Lanyard hole.jpg

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That is one beautiful HSC!
I have high polish Eagle/L police pistol in 760XXX range in similar condition, and another mint Eagle/L in 780XXX range, but it is already showing the millmarks on the frame and even on the slide..
What was the condition of the Navy marked HSCs?
Were they Navy marked on the trigger guard only or on the grip strap too?
Saw a low grip screw variation at the Tulsa show 3 weeks ago - about 90%.

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