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Very early Sauer 38 without thumb safety

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since 20 years or so I was hunting for an early Sauer 38 having no thumb safety. Finally, I got one and I am very pleased to present it here.

As known, Sauer started series production of the model 38 beginning with SN 260,001. The first 3,600 38s did not have a thumb safety on the slide. These early 38s (without thumb safety) can be divided in two sub-variations; the first sub-variation (SN 260,001 to 261,0xx approximately) is characterized by the mag release button secured by a pin (not a screw) and by two square guiding members popping out the right side when pressing on the mag button. The second sub-variation has a mag release button secured by a screw – this feature wasn't changed until the end of production.

My new toy is # 261,242 shown in the photos here. The pistol looks, like a Sauer 38 should look in this particular SN range: Two line legend, crown/N proof markings, no other acceptance markings. Even the yellow paint on the front sight is present, while the red paint on the rear sight faded away (Sights were painted this way until SN 27x,xxx approximately).

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NOTE: photos restored September 12, 2007
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Thanks for posting photos of your VERY early Sauer. You show a variation which I knew nothing about. I'll be digging out Jim Cate's book tonight!
Wonderful pistol!

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