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I am having frequent extraction problems with my Grade 2 Vis35. The extractor looks fine (not dirty). The problem I have is every couple of shots a case will fail to fully eject and I have to rack the slide to clear the empty case. Any ideas for solutions? I will be doing a detailed disassembly and re-lube in the near future at which time I'll be replacing most springs. This may help
Could my choice in ammo be the problem? I am currently using Winchester 9m 124 Gr. FMJ. Should I use a heavier load to ensure necessary recoil for case ejection?


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This may seem like an overly simple question, but, have you checked your chamber for roughness? I had an Astra 400 that would do exactly the same thing...since the Astra 400 can shoot many different 9mm cartridges, someone was using .380's that were shorter than the 9mm Largo and the chamber became eroded. I know that the Radom can't do that but a check of the chamber first before any major work is done, is mandatory.

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