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VIS Three lever A serial.

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This was the second VIS I came across. This started a new Rabbit Hole for low Alpha three lever VISs. The first one was a two lever A serial number that was fairly rough. I found this on GB and it came from a picker that goes around running ads and buying items. I got it for what I believe to be an excellent price but if you notice in the second photo it came in a High Power holster. Using the pickers information I was able to track the vet down and actually got a chrome plated luger the vet had that the picker didn't want with capture docs. The vet also entrusted me with a map he carried, photos of him and a few other documents as well as hours of conversation. With that said here are a few photos of the gun. These are from years ago and I really need to do new photos of the gun now. Mechanically the gun is excellent with a great bore and internals all great. It does have some holster wear. If you want the full story this is in Edward Tinkers Bring Back Vol III pages 148-151.

Black Revolver Trigger Air gun Font
Air gun Wood Everyday carry Gun barrel Gun accessory
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Shotgun Gun accessory
Revolver Gun barrel Bicycle part Trigger Gun accessory
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Revolver
Air gun Gun accessory Composite material Gun barrel Trigger

It actually looks much better on a blue background. They are dark blue and it brings out the color better.

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Metal
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I have Eds Vol. I & II, I'll have to find the III edition. Great that the vet and his memory get to live on through your preservation, I think if that can be achieved it makes our "collecting" into true curation!
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