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I was looking through a 1962 Guns & Ammo magazine I bought, reading an article entitled "What's Your Souvenir Pistol Worth". Nambu's $10, Lugers $45, Steyr Hahn $15. In amongst the Nambus and Lugers from the collection of a gentleman named Averil M. Hanna, is a curious looking pistol which is described as a Vitali experimental service pistol, caliber 9mm Glisenti, circa 1910. It is a strange looking thing, rather reminiscent of a hammerless Broomhandle, but with the addition of a double action trigger. Magazine looks like it is in front of the trigger guard a'la the Broomhandle, but I can not tell for sure. Article says only one is known, and that this one is serial number 6. 1962 value, "$200 or whatever a collector will pay". Anyone have any further information on this...., like where's the magazine? What is it's capacity? Wish I had a scanner, I'd upload the pix.
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