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I have a Voere (Voehrenbach) Kleinguenther 22 rifle. It is an open bolt 22 lr. I'm attaching some photos. Would anyone have any idea as to it's value. It is a very well made rifle. What I'm curious about is what desirablilty an open bolt 22 has.

Thank you

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Perhaps you have been misdirected as to the contents and type of info available on this particular site.

Gunboards itself has many interesting forums that relate directly to the rifles (22 cal. included )of foreign manufacture and if you go back to the home page of gunboards and scour the available avenues you may find out some answers to your querries.

Generally speaking this forum is devoted to handguns with the odd show and tell of WW#2 and WW#1 military rifles in the general discussion at the bottom of the page.

Hope this information and redirection aids your research.

Ps--- Nice semi-auto 22

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Winchester made what they called a "Single Shot Automatic" rifle in .22 caliber. It had a grooved plastic loading ramp on top of the receiver that swung down when you pressed a cartridge down on it, feeding the round into the chamber. The rifle fired from an open bolt which was already cocked when you inserted the round into the chamber. Upon firing, the bolt was blown back, and remained cocked for the next shot.
The open bolt uses fewer moving parts than a closed bolt weapon, and possibly the Voere rifle in question was a less expensive version. Normally a good trigger pull is hard to obtain on an open bolt weapon.
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