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Thank you Dieter and Pancho for your replies.Whittington Vol 2
page 301 shows the serial number range to be from 185000 to 196000
with an estimated production of 2300.Dieter do you know how many are
recorded?I feel it must have been a pretty important order for Walther to change from the K to W suffix especially if the W was
interspaced within the K production.
Maybe someday something will be discovered to give us the answer.

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Allright, men, I don't mean for anyone to get sentimental or weepy, but...
What a good thing, this forum is.
In this, a typical posting,
we share serial numbers and info.
on a rare piece. Info that would
otherwise be very difficult to find.
You meet a nice bunch of folks
in pistol collecting.
PS. Does anyone have a hanky?
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