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Walter Mod. 9

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The Mod. 9 is the smalest Walther Cal. 6,35mm pistol build from 1921 - 1945.
SN approx. 410 000 - 645 000 and 190.000 N - 200 000 N.
Pistols produced in and after 1939 shows the additional suffix N.
-It's an opinion, that the N represents the german number "Neun"
( nine ).
In January 1940 changed the proof from C/N to E/N .

I bought this rig # 196 963 N with C/N proof from a WWII WH veteran.
It's very interresting, that this particular pistol is marked with an additional Czechoslovakian Lion/ N proof from 1940 with his registration number.
Along the grip strap is the number 10134 engraved. The meaning is unknown at this time ( Police use ? But the Police pocurement of CZ 27 pistols started for example in 1941 ).
The tiny holster is in a typical german military appearence without any marks.

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Here is another peculiarly marked Model 9: Bayern Police Banberg.
Does anyone have any info re. this particular police unit or designation?

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To Fritz: Czech Guns and Ammo Proofing Office (www.cuzzs.cz) records are continuously keeped since 1891. From office records you can see the date of a proof a company the sold yours pistol.
I am not familar with the Model 9.

Size wise how does it compare to the Baby Browning?
after my knowledge there has never been such a marking of weapons in Germany to the police.Bayern Stadtpolizei Bamberg.
It exclusively was indicated to letters (letter groups) and numbers.
In addition, the engraving would have never been made in such a bad execution.
Take the irregularity of the individual letters into account.
This pistol hopefully wasn't too expensive since quite obviously it is a faking.
Too bad about this beautiful weapon.


Many thanks for the note Jan, but my czech isn't unfortunately as good as yours.
I understand nothing at all of the texts.

this not totally true. After 1949 those police and other German guns were marked with all sorts of markings - mostly consisting of complete words and not abbreviations. This is especially true for the ex-US American zone.
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