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Discussions have been conducted about whether this holster is French or German. From this moment on, let no one be confused as to its origin as the tannery acceptance stamp will clearly show that this model of holster was for the German pre-war Walther HP and not some post-war French variation. It can be found in both all leather version or a all erastz model as well. One rather scarse model that is similar, with the exception of the magazine pouch, is for the Beligum FN HP.

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Whenever one comes upon a date arranged in the manner of day/month/year, it is the date that the tannery accepted the hide and not the holster firm in making the holster. It was for this very reason that I purchased this holster.

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Actually, John, There were no Pre-War</u> Mod HP's that I know about....the Swedish contract of 1939/40 is the closest to it?

The war started in late 1939 and this leather was dated in 1941. The Mod HP displayed would have been made in about the middle of 1941 as it still had the hi-gloss finish at that time. Shortly after, they went to the military blue finish on the AC41 and the Mod HP's.

Very nice rig!(as are all that you display here!!!!) Thanks for sharing!

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