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Looking for information on a Walther model number 6 , ran into a fellow today that has one and he is looking for some information on the firearm.

Have not seen this pistol but he claims it is rare and one of one thousand manufactured. His is a three digit serial number and he said that it would be from close to the end of WW#2 manufacturing.

Is his information ligit or speculation, thanks for all answers

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A model 6 is very rare...and worth big bucks..[up to $10,000] and condition being important.

They are a WW-1 pistol..not WW-2 Production started in 1915 and only about 1500 were made according to my sources...[I have never actually seen one!]


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James, I doubt that it was made close to the end of WWII, since they were only produced from 1915 to 1917. It was tested by the military, but found unsuitable for military service. Handguns of the World does'nt specify how many were made. The 1000 figure may be correct. I have heard that they are scarce. don't know much else about them.


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This particular fellow I hope to see tomorrow, he told me that he is looking to sell it but the price he quoted is way way out in left field.

I have given him the Rock Island Auction site so will let all know if the pistol is going to the USA

Thankyou for the replies

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Since the photos of my old article have unfortunately disappeared, here they are again with the info.

About a Walther 6 you must write no longer much since the few facts are known.
I had the opportunity to take some pics of an unique Walther 6 rig a couple of days ago.
The weapon # 631 is one of the quite scarce Imperial accepted pieces in almost brand-new condition.
The unusual chromium plated (nickel-plated?) magazine has to be taken into account.
This all is surpassed by the holster which has taken a remarkable way.
Hermann Flohr, Cöln 1915. Under the flap you see the ink stamp B A X 15 (quartermaster's store 10, 1915).

After the war, obviously the holster then has come to a mail-order house for theater clothes (Alkier,in the city of Görlitz).
In the course of the time this holster landed at the German television radio of the DDR and was inventoried there.
The significance of the other stamps and markings are still unknown.
Pay attention to the general condition also here.

Observed # by me :

# 513 commercial

584 commercial

631 i/a

632 commercial

636 i/a

637 commercial

643 i/a

667 commercial

682 i/a

710 commercial, Germany

715 commercial, Germany

723 commercial, Germany

730 commercial

784 commercial

818 commercial

867 commercial

873 commercial

892 commercial

1011 commercial

1025 commercial


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