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Walther Model 8 with Shoulder Holster

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I just got this pistol delivered by FedEx this morning. This is a somewhat early (early twenties production) 1st variation Walther model 8 in pristine original condition. This pistol is C/N proofed on the right side slide and frame. Characteristics of this variation are the concealed extractor and disassembly lever on right front side of trigger guard allowing trigger guard to pivot down for pistol take down.

This pistol exhibits the highest quality of workmanship and the fit and finish is oustanding and beautiful. I have always admired the lines and overall appearance of the Model 8 pistols.

It came with a shoulder holster and it looks from the imprint on the inside of the holster that the two have been together for quite some time. The holster is of excellent quality leather and workmanship and the metal shoulder strap buckle is DGRM m5/28c marked and stamped with the RZM mark. Although not an Axis period/vintage pistol it is a very historic piece in terms of the forthcoming development and birth of the PP and PPK generation of pistols. This is the direct forerunner (direct lineage parent, so to speak) of this much celebrated line of Walther pistols.

I can just imagine/visualize a Nazi party official getting decked out/geared up in the morning and putting this pistol/shoulder holster rig beneath his coat before hitting the political parade hoopla and making a royal prick of himself!

Download Attachment: Walther Model 8 Left Side.jpg
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Nice rig Lloyd! Whoever wore this rig, prick or not, apparently took good care of it.
Lloyd, That's nice! Neat little pistols. The holster really hi-lights it. I hope to find one someday. Found a nice one, until I turned it over. The demise of the previous owner was evident on the entire left side. I think he had probably ceased being a prick.
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