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Walther Model 8s Pre War

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Here are a couple of pictures of two (2) Walther Model 8 pistols I have in my collection. I really like these very small, slim and elegant little pistols. I think I may have posted pictures of these before but what the heck here is another dose. The first one or top one is a variation one and a fairly early one at that. The variation one is characterized by the non exposed extractor and the take down/disassembly button or lever on the right trigger guard. Both of these pistols are Crown N C/N proofed so no question they are both pre 1940. These petite pistols were a favorite of German Military officers and could be secured through private company channels. The top model 8 came with a shoulder holster that is RZM marked. The bottom one is a very late variation 2 almost what you would call a transition model 8. It has the early take down/disassembly trigger guard release button or lever (as opposed to the variation three with no button/lever and trigger guard just under spring tension), the variation 2 exposed extractor and the late or variation 3 Walther banner grips. These very finely made pistols are the direct fore bearer of the famous Walther PP & PPK line of pistols that were hot under development. You can see in the model 8 design/look hints of what was to shortly be in the new Walther pistol line. I am looking to ad a WWII Nazi era E/N proofed pistol but have not found one yet. Anybody have a E/N Walther model 8 or seen one lately? These would be in the 90000A--100000A and are the only Model 8 pistol to have either an alpha prefix or suffix as part of the serial number. Thanks, Lloyd in Vegas
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Hey Lloyd, Those are a couple of nice ones! Time for an E/N!
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