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I was looking at the online catalog of an auction house for an upcoming sale. I noticed some pistols which are not common. I have made copies of the pictures of the pistol that are going to be auctioned, together with the text that went with each pistol. This text gives a description and condition of the weapon.

It is not my intention to hype the auction, but rather to post the pictures and information on these pistols so that it will be available in the future. So often, examples such as these will be purchased and then taken home and put in the gun room or safe, not to surface again for public viewing for many years. In this instance, these pistols will sell, probably for sums which many here cannot afford. Then they will be taken home and stored, not to be seen again until the new buyer dies or needs money. If this does not occur, then we will be able to get better pictures. If it does occur, then the pictures and data will be available for us common folk to see and dream about.

(Hopefully I will have these in the proper categories. If my posting this information offends, then please delete same.)

Walther Model HP 7.65 MM Luger Caliber Semi-Automatic Pistol

Serial Number: 3037
Manufacturer: Walther
Model: HP
Type: pistol
Gauge: 7.65 mm Luger
Barrel Length: inch round
Finish: blue
Grip: walnut

Description: Very Rare Walther Model HP 7.65 MM Luger Caliber Semi-Automatic Pistol Rare example of one of the approximately 96, 7.65 mm double action Model HP pistols manufactured in the 2096-3088 serial number range during September 1940. This particular pistol is pictured on page 165 of THE P38 PISTOL VOLUME THREE by Warren Buxton. This target version of the Model HP is fitted with the two piece checkered factory fitted walnut stocks with a raised thumb rest on the left side. The rear sight is outlined with red paint and the front sight blade is highlighted with white. The trigger has a light, target, trigger pull. The left side of the slide is marked with the Walther banner followed by the factory legend and "CAL. 7.65 M/M" and "MOD.HP." The serial number is stamped on the front of the barrel block and the right side of the frame above the trigger guard. "EAGLE/N" proof marks are stamped on the right forward section of the slide, the right side of the frame, barrel and locking block. The pistol has a high polish, commercial blue finish. The pistol is complete with two magazines.

Condition: Excellent. The pistol retains about 98% of the original high polish, blue finish. Wear is limited to the edges of the slide and barrel. The bore is mint. The walnut target grips have sharp checkered and stippled surfaces and are in excellent condition. A very scarce example of a limited production Walther HP semi-autoamtic pistol.

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