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I have recently acquired this model 5 and will be selling it soon and I need some information please. Other than the crown over n mark, I don't see any other marks---does anyone have an idea of the production date of the gun? The seller indicates that gun was surrendered by a German officer at a prison camp in denmark and was a vet bring back.

Also, as a new collector, I am not familiar with that type of holster. Specifically, what is that interior strap used for? I couldn't tell if the holster was homemade or factory produced. Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Very nice! May we have the full serial number? (I can not make it out from the photo)

There are some differences in these models that Dieter can sort out for you...I can not! (I own a couple..#19543 and #383969 )

The strap is a 'lift strap' and is pulled to lift the pistol out of the holster which pretty well covers the whole gun!


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Serial number 770xx---the gun is being shipped. If the holster is factory made, where will identifying info normally be stamped?
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