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Walther NSKK-marked PP value

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Any collector out there able to provide an approximate value on an NSKK-marked Walther PP in 7.65mm?? Serial range 141xxx with crown over N proof mark.
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P.S. to original post
NSKK-marked PP is in 95% plus condition
I have not kept up on prices, but I would guess that a 95% PP NSKK would be worth between $1500 and $2500.
Within the past couple of months, a complete rig , pistol, holster and extra magazine sold for $5500. The holster was valued at $3500 and the pistol at $2000.
Thanks to Mr Still and Huggiebear. Unfortunately, the holster I acquired with the weapon is not NSKK marked, although it is probably pre-WWII vintage type (no marks). Thank you for advising me as to what to pay my friend for this collectible.
Even with the recent escalating values, $5500 was way, way, way, overboard.
I've seen a couple within the last year for much, much, much less.
That fellow should have bought a PL. Much easier to sell within that $ range.
I think that the Brooklyn bridge is still for sale.
Someone should email him.

$5500 is an aberation, based not on a unique pistol, but on a unique buyer.
Jan's estimate is much closer to the current value, tops at about $3000-3500.

PS. No offense intended, only a bit of levity. Kindly, don't anyone get their knickers in a twist about this.
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