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Anyone knowing the procedure for removal and re-installation of the extractor of a post-war (1962) Walther P.38 please let me know. My extractor does not seem to be closing fully and leaves partially extracted cases that cause jams. I need to examine it and the space behind it, but cannot find dissassembly instructions anywhere. Of course, if it's more than cleaning the gun needs, it will go to my local gunsmith.

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Removal is pretty strait forward, you will need a medium sized flat bladed screw driver and needle nosed pliers. Remove the slide from your P.38. Holding the slide upside down put the flat blade from your screwdriver under the lip of the top cover and push forward, remove the cover. Lift the firing pin spring with needle nose plyers and remove the loaded chamber indicator pin. Remove the auto firing pin lock and firing pin retaining pin, remove the firing pin from the gun.

Gently lift the extractor against the extractor plunger so it is flush with the slide. At the same time put one flat end of your screwdriver blade inside the firing pin channel and the other against the base pin of the extractor. Twist the blade and the extractor should pop out. I have my finger blocking the plunger from flying out while I am pushing the extractor flush with the slide.

The extractor should pop back in place by seating the plunger and spring in the slide and pushing back on the extractor while keeping it flush with the slide.
To replace the top cover use a rubber mallet to gently tap it back in place.

Hope this helps.

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