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In addition to Lloyds posting here a repost.

A delivery of approximately 1500 Walther PP ( approx. # 198000 - 202500 )was carried out in the caliber of 9 mmk to the Luftwaffe (air force) at the end of 1940.
They were the first Walther PP pistols with WaA 359 acceptance. The mag is not numbered.
These pistols are extremly rare.

Checking old photos of my father I noticed that he has carried one of these pistols as a soldier.The picture shows him in the North of France during a conversation with members of his company in 1943.
If one looks at the photo exactly, then one can clearly see the bottom magazine release and the magazine bottom.
Unfortunately, I cannot make any statements about the serial number since all personal things of him ( also his watch !) have been "liberated" by members of the Patton army at his capture at Duren nearby Cologne.


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Yes you could tell he was a squared away officer.Dressed very nice,At least he was not wearing those ugly riding pants,that both of high ranking generals liked to wear.Are you sure that was his squad or a bunch of recruits he was talking too.Anyway a fine picture of him to be treasured for your generations to come.
Kind Regards

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Yes my father was to this time a handsome man with a very youthful appearance. The pics are from 1942 and my father was 30 years old.
He was a member of an aa-unit and fought primarily in northern France.
The soldiers speaking with my dad carry a kind of casual cloth.
For your pleasure I include two more pics.
Interesting is the fact that the holster on the shooting training pic seems to be empty !


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