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Walther PP ac What is it?

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I know it could be late war according to my Axis Pistols book Vol 11 by Mr Still.Or is it a post war parts gun? No other markings inside or out other than what is shown.Looks like maybe it was refinished?Thanks for any help.

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It is not postwar and has been refinished.
Thank you Sir.I thought it was refinished because the finish is to smooth,Acceptance marks not there and serial number on frame at the end is partially missing.
your PP was made in 1945, but no longer poofed and thus presumably never issued. The finish looks postwar to me,too.
Dieter H. Marschall.
Dieter,very interesting and thank you.Any idea who might have got ahold of these and used them?Thanks
mostly they were GI-bringbacks. They got them from released ex-foreign workers in the Walther factory in spring 1945 for cigarettes etc.
Again Sir,Thank you.I guess in some way it does have some historical value.
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