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Walther PP cal.380

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Not being a Walther collector,I obtained my first one.I was told this configuration is "rare"and very desirable.I have been unable to find any real detailed info on this Walther....maybe someone out there can help.The description is as follows:(PIX will be provided when I get my camera fixed.)
Walther PP cal.9mm(380)eagle over N proofed BBL and slide,WaA359 waffen. proofed(slide and receiver),bottom mag release,black hard rubber grips,70%overall bright blue finish,mint cond.bore,grips markings,etc.serial number 199775P with matching numbered mag(on mag bottom)
How rare is this? or uncommon and any general value or other info would be most helpful.
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Ditto, with one regrettable addition,
the 70% finish is the only problem re. value, but,
your pistol is a rare find.
I'd like to have one in my collection.
Please be certain to post photos.
Maybe the finish is better than 70%.
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