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Walther PP High Polish E/C, E/N

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I was wondering if someone could give me an approximate value(Guesses are fine as I can find no comparables anywhere on this variation) on this variation that Jan Still called "very rare"in his book. It is 99% except has some thinning along the top left slide. Not missing, just thin or lighter colored as if rubbed. The E/C is slightly mis struck but was verified several years ago by a NAPCA member as being correct. Gun was reported in automag as it was just a few numbers under the published SN range in Jan Stills book at the time.
I want to sell it but not give it away either.
Thanks in advance for any responses.
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$2000 to $2500
Would have to disagree with huggiebear.
That seems way out of the $ range.
My estimate on one within Ser.# range and straight E/C mark would be $1,000-$1,500.
Good luck
No luck necessary in this matter.

In Oct./'03 bought at market price, on web, a Var. 2,
with extension mag, procurement 2,000, for less than $1,000.
The Var. 1 procurement is 1,500 pieces, a small diff. in rarity,
certainly not enough to support an additional $1,500
(more than 150% increase in price).

There is a handsome list of similarly rare pistols, and
many are even more rare and desireable, under the $2,500 range,
ie. PP-PDM rig; PP-Persian; M1934 E/L (procurement 500);
HSc E/F...the list goes on.

No luck necessary here, but, I have seen transactions where
a careless buyer has paid far in excess of value for a pistol.
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Thanks to both for helping out.
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