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Posted here is an unusual example of early version of a RZM marked holster for the Walther PP. The Police were the first to experiement with ersatz material in 1937 with their use of the ersatz material for their flare gun holster and bayonet frogs. This 1938 example is a follow-on to that initiative. It was the police way of addressing the suspected leather shortage in the coming years. The Party was to apply this practice as well. The main identfing feature of this example is that it has a tannish sand colored interior whereas the later ones will have an ivory color then followed by black.

Download Attachment: DSC01346.JPG

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239.37KB The markings of RZM L2/371/38 is identified as belonging to E.G.Leuner. Humboldtstr. 23, Bautzen [ SA ]

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