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Selected from out of my collection is an RZM pistol and holster as they should have been issued in 1934.

walther holster front.JPG

walther holster rear.JPG

walther holster exposed.JPG
This control number of 1051 which is assigned to Albert Kind is not in accordance with later regulations which appear in 1937. This 1934 issue is with the control number only which the 1935's will have the date stamped below the control number but not in align with the number. Later issues will have the finalized form with the letter L [ leather] and number 2 [ holsters/belts] as the starting set of numbers located below on the inside lower flap.
holster RZM marking.JPG

pistol left side.JPG
As one can readily tell , the RZM mark is etched directly above the magazine release button on the slide. This sounds simply enough but fakers have etched this RZM mark adjacent the slide logo and off-set from the release button . The real ones have the slide logo moved to the left in order to compensate for the introduced RZM marking to be place directly over the release button.

pistol RZM marking.JPG

pistol right side.JPG

serial close up.JPG

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