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Walthers P.38 Pistol in Norway by Per Mathisen

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This volume is over 430 pages in Norwegian and English (hard cover) is chock full of photographs and information on this famous pistol.

It is not a WWII reference on the P.38s in the same way as the Buxton volumes on P.38s or Jan Stills mention in Axis Pistols but has a history of the P.38 from the early WWII years and its use in Norway during and after the war. The book does cover the early use of the P.38 in Norway during WWII.

The book is rich in photographs of P.38's, holsters, ammo, lanyards and anything P.38 related. The amount of documentation on this gun's use in Norway is unbelievable! Serial number ranges and variations of the post war guns under the Ulm contract has never been documented before.

I had the opportunity to help Per out with contributing some of the photos and working on the English translation.

Just seeing the amount of original documentation that Per has provided about the P.38s use in Norway is fantastic!

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This book can be obtained in the US from the following address:

Greysolon Arms.
1920 Greysolon Road.
DULUTH. MN 55812
Phone: 218-7248387 E-mail: [email protected]
This book is also awailable in a numbered/signed edition (100 copyes)

Now this book can be obtained in Germany from the following:



phone. 02323/956700

This book is a must for the P38 collector. Per did a great job on this one and his English is flawless.Had a little bit of an New England accent I thought.
I noticed that accent as well. I got his book and it was well worth the price. You'd have to read it twice to really absorb all the info.

Everyone's library should have one.
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