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wartime broomhandle........

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Hello, have made a deal and am awaiting arrival of a wartime C(6 broomhandle mauser. It is chambered in 7.63 mauser, 85-90% blueing, numbers matching. Non import marked and comes with the original shoulder stock. Now, a few questions. How do authenticate a original shoulder stock?? Any good sites for information on markings(proofs)?
Will post some pics once I receive it and would like to get a approximate value if someone would do it. Thanks, Craig
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If you want a matching rig, the top of the shoulder stock tang should have the last three digits of the serial no. stamped in it. The right side flat on the barrel should have the imperial acceptance proofs. For WWI issue, the Germans made a run of 150,000 in 9mm (red 9 on the grips)....these were the only official Military issued C96's although some 7.63's were purchased.. Many soldiers purchased their own. A good book to look at is "System Mauser" by Breathed and Schroeder. Countries such as Italy, Austria, Finland, Norway and the U.K. did have military contracts with Mauser. Just be sure that the one you are looking at is not a 1930 commercial as evidenced by the 12 line grips, Mauser logo in the left side panel and a un-numbered stock with a Mauser logo stamped into the left side. This wouldn't be a military model.

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I was only assuming about the U.K. since "System Mauser" shows U.K. (Broad arrow) accepted pieces. They may have only been test pieces though!!

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