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At my favorite gunshop I purchased a 1917 dated Webley Mark VI in original .455 caliber with a light thinning war-time blue. There are still traces of cosmoline in the nooks and crannies. The revolver is all matching with orignal grips and missing the lanyard ring which I know is a cheap fix. I bought the pistol for $370.00 OTD. Thought I got a good buy. I went home and ran a patch through the barrel because of some grease, and my heart sank- the barrel is bulged! The gunshop was very appolgetic about it and offered me a full refund. Because the gun in on consignment, I asked if the shop could get the owner to come down in price. What should I do, get my money back or how much should I hope to pay for the revolver? I'm most likey not going to shoot it, and I fits nicely in my collection.
Any thoughts?

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Ppsh41, welcome to the forum!

Well, if it is hard to get this model, then you might want to have it as a rep piece... I have one that has been converted, which is much more common to find.

Resale would be affected to most collectors because oft he bulge, so that must be taken into consideration...

Just some thoughts, not much help I know...


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One thing to consider is that a bulge in the barrel sometimes indicates point blank firing at one time, which creates the added pressure that can cause the bulging. It only takes once...
The bulge may tell a story about the history of piece. One would never know for sure, but...? I'd see what kind of discount they might offer, but if I liked the gun, I'd keep it regardless.
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