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I am attaching some photos of a recent acquition. From Jan's book I believe it is a new production DWM commercial that was routed to the police. I appreciate any comments.
sn 5408i (indicating 1921 production date?)
Chamber date or property mark of 1921
Full serial on front of frame and bottom of barrel
Crown N proofs on left side of upper receiver and bottom of barrel
sideplate has both commercial and military style sn
takedown lever has commercial type serial number.
No unit markings
intact sear safety, no evidence of a magazine safety ever being installed.
9mm caliber.
All matching except mag, (missing) the holdopen is un numbered, (is that correct for a commercial?)
the firing pin is numbered by means of engraving or electric pencil, I assume this means it is a later replacement? it is of the fluted type.

All comments welcome and appreciated, I am particularily interested in others opinions as to probable date of manufacture, new made or rebuild and overall correctness of the piece.
ALso what type of magazine would be correct and how should it be marked.

thanks, Frank

Download Attachment: DCP00602 (2).JPG

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Hello Frank, can we get a picture of the entire left side?

The picture that did not show up was probably because it has a space in the name, sometimes they show, sometimes they don't.

I will have to look up the suffix of the year, you are probably right. The 1920 is a Reichswehr property marking, and not really a date, like you said.

The firing pin is probably a replacement....

These are interesitng guns, marked as commerical on the left crown n, then bought / brought into police service.

Not having the mag safety can mean one of two things;

1. Either it was in a district / state that did not enforce the mag safety


2. It went into storage and thus did not receive a mag safety.

I lean towards #1.

Correct would be a wood based magazine with a police serial number on it, although in the same time frame, they started to phase out wood and use aluminuim bases.

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