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I'm not sure if this is a Weimar period holster. It started out as a WWI 1916 dated holster with an inside the flap mark of "B.A.III." It is marked in Weimar fashion on the front of the body with "Sch.P.T.K.21." but the "T" might be an "I." I purchased it on German ebay (back in the days when the dollar equalled a Euro) thinking it might be a Pioneer holster from the Schutztruppe in Cameroon. I didn't know about the inside markings at the time of purchase and have since been advised that it from a sharpshooter school (if memory serves).

Note the filled in hole - there is another one on the rear aft of the belt loop. Something similiar is pictured in Still's "Weimar Lugers."

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Berlin 1923 Reichswehr Instructions indicate (Gortz page 74).
Sch.Pl.K. signifies: Schiessplatzkommando Kummersdorf
Schiessplatz =firing ground
Kommando = headquarters.
Kummersdorf = name of town
sounds like it could be a sharpshooter school.
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