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Weimar Lugers Serial number correction (74745).
A fellow collector found the following note on an internet site:“To top that off, Still has serial number 74745 listed as a 7.65mm, but it is actually 9mm! (no kidding, I owned it and I know that for a fact).”

I do my best to convey correct information, and searched through my books until I finally found the mistake on page 255 of Weimar Lugers. It was in APPENDIX A: BASAL POLICE LUGERS, in an article by William A. Reupke, third paragraph, line 3 “numbered 7.65mm Lugers (for example 73282, 73731, 74745, 74797 and 74845) were not” has been changed to “numbered 7.65mm Lugers (for example 73282, 73731, 74797 and 74845) were not” The incorrect serial number will be corrected in the next edition. The correction is presented here so the present owners of Weimar Lugers can note the change.

It’s a good thing that fellow collectors pounce on mistakes in books. When they inform the author the book gets updated and corrected and all collectors benefit.

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Excellent Jan, I'll add to my edition, apprecaite the heads up.

It is interesting, compared to most books, the "mistakes" found are few and far between. Hats off,

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