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A ww2 vet brought back an ac43-marked P38 inside this black P08 holster:

Download Attachment: front.jpg

Download Attachment: flap_open.jpg

There are several interesting things about it. First off, on the back is stamped a police unit mark S.Kg.793, corresponding to the Schutzpolizei Koenigsberg:

Download Attachment: unit_mark.jpg

Second, on the underside of the flap is the marking: B.A.VIII. over 1918F:

Download Attachment: marking.jpg

Anyone here know what that means?

Third, notice that the (unfortunately broken off) strap is not like the normal police flap, closing upward, but is like the military straps that close down. How common is that?



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I have seen a couple of holsters that are army type, but marked for police.

The B.A.VIII is a clothing depot marking, where it was first inspected and accepted. I am unsure the actual name or correct terminology.


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Eds' links cover your holster. It has an interesting history.

It started as a brown Imperial Army holster (As indicated by the brown interior of the holster). The B.A. VIII stamp signifies the Bekleidungsamt or clothing department (that distributed holsters) of the VIII Armeekorps. The 1918 signifies the date.

During the Weimar Era the holster (According to 4-12-1922 dated orders) was stamped S.Kg.793, (Schutzpolizei Koenigsberg). Schutzpolizei holsters were required to be black, so this holster was dyed black. The police style holsters were not (up strap and stud closure) put into service until 1928/1929. This holster was put into service prior to that time and was never so modified.

Download Attachment: 2003912223922_1936Police15.jpg
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1939 dated police sketch showing Schutzpolizei with black holster and Landjagerei(Gendarmerie) with brown holster.

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It started as a brown Imperial Army holster (As indicated by the brown interior of the holster).

Sort of...It actually started out as an Artillery holster not an Army type. It was converted TO an Army configuration from an LP-08. You will notice the stitching line down the right side to the toe. This is where the cleaning rod pouch was stitched. On the back you can see a square of stitching...this is where the stock block was attached.
Due to the treaty of Versailles(SP?) Many LP-08's were converted to the required less than 4" barrel. This is one of the LP-08 holsters converted for Police use. Jerry Burney

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Well, I never!

The stitching holes on the right side run all the way from the toe to the top, but aren't visible in the pictures. The magazine pouch covers up many of the holes.

In addition, there are stitching holes on the front of the flap where the loop for the up-strap once was attached, and holes near the buckle where the up-strap itself was attached.

On the back, under the belt loops, are more stitching holes where the stock block loop was attached. Plus, the left belt loop appears to be made from something like a front strap used with a buckle.

This holster has some very interesting history!

Many thanks for all the information,

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