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I broke away from the honey do list to visit the local gunshow today. Sure wish I had a couple thousand laying around. I would have bought the WaA76 marked late war produced P39(t) with holster, and the beautiful Cz-27 rig with Luftwaffe eagle and rank emblems on the holster, and the Nazi proofed Czech Army Cz-24. Probably could have bought all three for 2500.

The Luftwaffe rig probably had the nicest Cz-27 I have ever seen. Durn near perfect! it was in the 100000 serial number range with perfect straw and only the slightest of indications of holster wear. The holster was a bit tired, but it was a 1942 dated Cz-27 holster with a nice luftwaffe eagle and three rank "gulls" attached to the holster.

The P-39(t) was a rather rough example in that the machining was rough, finish was very light and all the manufactures markings were struck very deep. So deep that the markings were hard to read at first. No proofs or serial numbers and only the WaA76 acceptance mark on the left frame forward of the take down lever. Holster was a 1940 dated P-39(t) holster.

The Cz-24 was a standard Czech military Cz-24 that had a German Eagle Swastika firing proof on the right side forward trigger web. I asked to have the Cz-24 put on hold and I was told It would be held for me. Hopefully I can make some payments to pay it off.

There was a Steyr Hahn German Eagle L rig there also with holster. Holster had been reworked to replace the belt straps and they were riveted on. I also saw a very nice German reworked Vz-24 rifle that had every part including the screws numbered matching the gun. It has a 2P unit mark on the stock disk, and a decent original czech sling. The really odd part was four Chinese or Japanese characters on the top of the bolt arm.

A grand day. Of course this is the way it is when you have just bought a 42 commercial and a E lion 46 marked Cz-27.

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