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OK. I have fought the urge to collect these guns for three decades, but lost. I have collected US martial arms, but am new to Lugers. I understand some of the basics (matching #'s, original finish, etc), but the nationality and manufacturer variants are mind boggling. First two questions: 1. What about the 1970's Mauser production Swiss styled Lugers? Are they comming into their own as collectibles? I have two, NIB (with excellent boxes and the extras, as from the Oberndorf factory). One is a 4" brl 9mm, and the other is a 6" brl 30 cal (Navy styled ???). Both unfired. What are these guns worth? 2. I am considering trying to obtain one of the 1990's production stainless steel Lugers, to use as a shooter. Good idea, or not? What is a fair price for them? Would I be better off, trying to find a mismatched original for a shooter? Greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks. Rod

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Rod, The variants are what make Lugers so interesting. Only 3 nations have been involved in manufacturing, Germany, Switzerland and lastly the US. A good website to check the values of your interarms/mauser 1970's Lugers is http://www.simpsonltd.com/index.htm. They may be a bit high.

The type of shooter you select is a personal preference. I would go for the real thing. With care a mismatched shooter luger will still continue to increase in value
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