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What all is missing

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I picked this gun up for 200 dollars I did not know any thing about this type of gun untell I bought it. I bought it because it reminded me of a video game I played when I was little (golden eye). N64. Can any one tell me we're I can find parts for it and what parts are missing..
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Side plate assy, takedown lever, grips , grip screws and magazine are missing for starters.

Gun bears a striking resemblance to a Mauser to me.

May have more success in the Mauser forum here.
Welcome to the forum. Looks like you got a deal on a 1939 Military luget. Can't beat that for $200. The holster is nearly worth that or more. Tool could be worth $100-$150. Need better pics. Does appear you are missing a side plate and locking bolt. Grips are asy to find.

Parts can be found on ebay and places like gunbroker. There is a trader board on the forum that becomes accessible (viewable) once a new user reaches a certain limit/ number of posts.

Some members here may have some spare parts. I may even may have a locking bolt.
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You should be able to find what you need from one source.

If not I have Mauser grips , grip screws and mags for it .

Actually have side plate assy and takedown but HK stuff so no-go.
Great start, for 200 bucks we all would have jumped on it! Parts are available. Unfortunately it will be a mismatched but nice shooter. Good luck enjoy and don't hesitate to ask questions here.
You picked up a nice holster an tool for the price. The "parts" pistol is relatively free.
You got a steal of a deal. Hopefully you’ll be able to put her back together and enjoy it 👍🏻
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