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Admittedly, I know very little about Lugers, but this one to me seems unusual. Most of the markings I've not seen before. The gun is a Finnish M23 with the 9mm Tikka replacement barrel. most of the receiver grup matches itself, and most of the barrel extension and toggle group matches each other, but both halves of the pistol are toatlly mis-matched to each other, which I guess is common on these Finns. I know this Luger came straight from Finland to me through a Canadian Dealer and it was still in heavy Finnish storage oil when I got it last week.

So please, someone help me decypher this one's past!

Download Attachment: luger left.JPG

Download Attachment: luger right.JPG

Here you can see that the receiver ring doesn't seem to be out of round - yet there is no barrel extension date stamp...?
Download Attachment: bblslide.JPG

And this is odd... notice that there seems to be an old detent in the middle of the Gesichert marking - ???
Download Attachment: gesichert.JPG

The mis-matched wood mag it came with - it's stamped with a "+", so I assume it was once a spare mag.
Download Attachment: magbott.JPG

Here are some faint proof marks that are partially buffed off, but they don't look like Imperial Army to me, next pic I blew them up and increased the contrast.
Download Attachment: proofs.JPG

Download Attachment: proofs2.JPG

Here are the bbl extension markings - anyone seen this before?
Download Attachment: slidemark2.JPG

Another pic:
Download Attachment: slidemark.JPG

The toggle appears to be a DWM commercial because the serials are all hidden instead of out in the open.
Download Attachment: toggle.JPG

Lastly, another shot of the top of the bbl extension:
Download Attachment: top.JPG

If anyone would like additional pics, let me know.

Also, I forgot to take a pic of it, but the frame serial number is "1870 L" with the L in small-case cursive.

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I know the notch in the receiver is an Arty feature, but does the Artillery theory explain the weird safety detent on the frame? And what about the odd markings over the take-down lever on the bbl extension? I looked up the proofs on the right side of the extension, and I now think they are 1914-1918 Imperial Military proofs that have been buffed off - maybe a post-war parts recycling for the Finn contract Lugers? Any ideas?

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What I can tell you:

Old-style--1900--Lugers had round, concentric receiver tops. If you look closely, all Lugers from 1906 have a non-concentric, slightly oval profiles.

The remains of the rightmost stamp on the right receiver is an Erfurt proof eagle. All Erfurt receivers after 1914 were notched for an Artillery receiver sight, so the notch on your Luger is not diagnostic.

There is a possibility that the dot stamped in the middle of the Gesichert stamp is a hardness test.

This is a fascinating Luger, and I will be very interested to see what some knowledgable correspondent has to say about the left-receiver marks.


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In what way doesn't yours look like these? If partially buffed off, plus dies changed in how they looked as they got worn and possibly chipped/broken, then yours would / could look different?

Also, it could be different letters than those shown.

Have you looked through previous posts of imperial guns and checked out the right side of them?

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