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I was luckey, a few months ago, I could buy a Luger, built in 1941, marked BYF or BYT, serialnumber 4966.
All the parts are carrying the same assemblynumber, number 96.
The Luger has wooden handgrips, and is in a good condition.

Can anyone tell me more about this object, I am very curious!!
Sadley I don´t know yet how to post a photo with this message...

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Welcome Aldo, posting pictures is fairly easy, provided they are under 300 kilobytes. There is a tutotial under the help section.

We have several members from der nederlands, and I lived there for 7 years, very nice place.

Your mauser made luger is a byf and like you said made in 1941. BYF was a code for mauser to keep it secret from the allies. There are other 1941's posted here on the forum under the Third Reich area if you'd like to take a look under the search part of the forum.

The "assembly number" should be 66, i.e. the last two of the serial number? And is there a suffix, i.e. a letter under the serial number on the frame?

It would look like this:


or close to that,


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Thanks for your reply, ED !! So you know the Netherlands, GREAT!!
The assembly numbers are: 66.
(not 96...sorry..)
I have the full number 4966, which is stamped under the barrel , where the barrel hits the frame...and I shall try to place a photo also. No suffix.
And today I catched a Luger DWM, 1921, cal. 30 Luger, in 99% newstate!!!
The number is:4418. I waited 9 months for getting it...It has wooden handgrips, also a wooden knob under the magazine. I don't dare to tell what the price was that I had to pay, anyway I payed twice the price for getting permits, licenses and so on for getting it home...
Anyway, I am very, very fond of it ofcourse!!
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