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Hello everyone, recently this model came to me, but there are some symbols that I couldn't find.
If i am correct it is a navy model 1906 there is a W.K mark which is the naval base that was sent. There are two serial numbers, frame and barrel 3186 but the knee system is number 64. What intrigues me the most is the 4 inch barrel, is this right for the model?
And that RC mark on the frame, what does it mean?
There is a small sign next to the barrel serial number, does it have any meaning?
There are two magazines but only one has a serial number and it doesn't match, what do the signs under the charger mean?
There are many questions, I appreciate if anyone can help me with some information.
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I can't answer all your questions but I can help a little. The toggle train marked 64 is from a different Luger than your receiver and frame. At some point in time the original toggle train marked 86 that it left the factory with was damaged or lost. It was replaced with the toggle train from another Luger.

The Crown/RC stamp indicates that the part on which it is stamped was found to be out of specifications or tolerances by the factory inspector. A higher level inspector belonging to the "Revision's Commission" determined that the part was still OK to use and stamped it Crown/RC. If the part ever failed, the C/RC stamp prevented blame from falling on the factory inspector who initially rejected it. The C/RC stamp is often found on Erfurt Lugers but seldom on DWM Lugers.

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Your Luger was reworked and reblued and is a mixture of different Luger parts. But that is okay.
More interesting is that the basis is a former Navy Luger Mod. 1906 first type modified, where the barrel was shortened...
Please pay attention to the specific Navy marks of the crowned M at the underside of the barrel ore the typical Navy power proof on the left side of the breech block.
This type of Navy Luger is relatively simple to identifiy: On the Navy 1906 Model first type modified the mark "Gesichert" on the safety zone initially placed in a low position, was filled off and reengraved in a hiher position. The serial number (range) of these Navy Lugers is from 1 to 9000a.
Typical for the Navy Luger is the Navy back sight on the rear toggle with the 100/200 meters graduation.
Last but not least pay attention to the grip safety...
The magazine is an ordinare Army issue...

Best regards from Germany,

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