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What is the decimals on these serial numbered parts?

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Hello all;
I seldom post here, but I have a real mystery; at least so far.....

This luger has what appears to be 'decimal points' on most of the small parts.
I have not determined how or why these are present.
Do you know what this is all about? I have shown this to some pretty knowledgeable collectors, and no one knows for sure, yet.

Rumor says that it might be for export identification, but the frame serial numbers do not have this marking.
Others say in might be for replacement parts, but this isn't common for that use, either, as far as I know.

this is stamped as a 1940 byf.
There is a small '42' stamp in the rear toggle link, as shown.

Any advice would be helpful.
Thanks in advance
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I believe these are hardness tests. Bill
The short answer is I don’t know. What I can tell you is that the pistol is assembled from at least 3 different pistols including an Erfurt lower with many or all Erfurt small parts on the frame area. A 1940 Mauser receiver and probably barrel but more of the barrel needs to be seen and a post 1940 toggle. It appears that everything above the frame was ground and re-numbered to match the frame and the entire gun was reblued to match the finish. What is not able to be determined from these photos is where and when this work was done.
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Some gunsmiths/armories/armorers sometimes will place a punch mark on a part to indicate it was checked/fitted/whatever. Perhaps at some point in this pistols 100 some odd year life it was assembled and checked by an armorer/gunsmith who did just that. That's my guess anyhow.
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